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Adventures in Wearable Pleasure

By Amanda Chatel

When We-Vibe 4 Plus (We-Vibe’s first app connected vibrator) launched, I was lucky enough to get my hands on it for a product review. At the time I was married to a Parisian who I only saw every three months, for immigration reasons. That We-Vibe couples vibrator became a staple in our long distance sex life. And, when he finally got back to New York, it remained a staple in more than a few ways. 

Once we realized we could take our sex life out in the world, so to speak, there was no stopping us. The first time we tried using it as a wearable vibrator in public was when I went to run errands while Olivier, my husband stayed home. Creating some buzz action while trying to pay for something at Duane Reade is definitely the best way to deal with only one open register and a long line of people. We also tried it at bars, which we found way more fun, because we could exchange knowing glances; we had a little secret between us and no one else in the whole place knew. It was great. 

If you’ve yet to try wearing a vibrator in public, here are four reasons to put it on your sexual bucket list now.  

It’s exciting.  

When you feel like you are getting away with something, there’s a level of excitement that can’t really be put into words. While wandering around with a wearable vibrator may not be as risky as having sex in public, it comes pretty damn close. That thrill of whether or not anyone can tell as your face contorts and your breathing quickens is, for lack of a better word, delicious.  

It’s easier than you might think. 

The technology that we have within our grasp today when it comes to vibrators is so extraordinary that experimenting with pleasure has reached a whole new level. Thanks to apps, like We Connect, our partners can control our vibrators from intensity to pattern to speed. And they can do it from anywhere. Like, literally, anywhere in the world.  

You feel really connected.  

It doesn’t matter if your partner is across the bar or an ocean away, when you share a sexual experience you feel truly connected. It may not be an intimacy you’re used to, but it’s the type of intimacy that comes when we’re living in a world of technology and in a reality where we can’t always be with our partners physically. Couples who play with toys, like a bunch of toys in the We Vibe Line, contribute to that new futuristic intimacy and helps us learn more about ourselves and our partners in the meantime, because it forces them to communicate. 

You get to make the rules.  

Listen, not everyone is comfortable wearing a vibrator in public and that’s fine! When it comes to sex, while pushing the boundaries can be fun, it is important to realize and discuss what those boundaries are in the first. But just because you might be one of those people who wouldn’t dare leave the house with a wearable vibrator doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy exploring it in a safe space. From across the bedroom or from another room in your home, your partner can control the vibrator too. You could be binge-watching your favorite Netflix show and all of a sudden get a buzz that tickles your clitoris so perfectly that it induces a surprise orgasm. It’s up to you, because you make the rules. When it comes to adventures in pleasure the sky’s the limit and you get to decide.  


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