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Strict PU Leather LOCKING PADDED WRIST CUFFS comes with chain two locks and four keys Black Handcuffs


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Strict PU Leather LOCKING PADDED WRIST CUFFS comes with chain two locks and four keys Black Handcuffs - PLAY HARD

Put your slave in luxurious shackles and captivate them with your devious mind!

Lock your submissive up in style with these comfortable, padded cuffs for your all your bondage needs. Double layered and padded internally, they are lightweight yet secure, with a removable chain tethering them together. Each cuff comes with its own padlock and keys, so that they're at your will until you're ready to let them out. The vegan material provides a classic look to make your fantasies come to life. Bind your partner's arms in front of them, behind them, to the bed, or over their head… the possibilities are endless!

Imagine: Master likes to keep me shackled up, but still able to serve Him. He was looking for a set of cuffs that He could put me in, where i would have enough mobility to bring Him dinner or take His shoes off after a long day at work. i wasn't expecting Him to find such a perfect pair, with such comfort and elegance. Master locks me into them as soon as we both get back from work, tucking the keys into His pocket so i know that only He can set me free. Then He makes me crawl around as best as i can while He watches my ass. i always try to give it a little extra sway so that He gets a good show. Some nights He gets turned on enough by that that He wants me to service Him before He even undresses. He has me unzip His trousers and pull His manhood out the front. The loose chain allows me to use my hands as i suck him off, delivering long stroked while i swirl my tongue and apply hard suction to the head. Sometimes He cums… but other times He pushes me away to draw things out. Those are always my favorite nights.
Key Features:
  • Strict PU Leather LOCKING PADDED WRIST CUFFS comes with chain two locks and four keys Black Handcuffs
  • Double layered
  • Lightweight
  • Secure
  • Comes with connector chain, two locks and four keys

SPECIFICATIONS: Adjustable from 7 to 11 inches in circumference, 2.5 inches in width

Material - PU leather, silver metal hardware

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