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Seven Creations

Seven Creations Nipple Sucker 5 Piece Nipple Erector Set


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Seven Creations Nipple Sucker 5 Piece Nipple Erector Set - For nipple suction and stimulation

This Nipple Bulb pump is very effective for both growing your nipples to be bigger and better and also to bring waves of passionate bliss to your sexual stimulation sessions, whether alone or shared. This simple to use item works by applying suction pressure to the sensitive flesh and nerve endings of your nipple. Once the nerve endings there are stimulated, you receive intense pleasure, which can be enjoyed either on its own or in combination with other sexual stimulation from a partner.

NIPPLE STIMULATORS: Excite your every pleasure point and take your sexual pleasure to the next level with erotic nipple play!  Nipple stimulation is a fun and sexy way for men and women to get things blazing in the bedroom as well as increase arousal and help build to orgasm!  Our nipple toys offer you tantalizing sensual thrills during sex, foreplay, and masturbation so you can have the explosive climax you crave.For those who like a little Oooh to Ouch kink in your sex life.
How to use Seven Creations Nipple Sucker 5 Piece Nipple Erector Set:Easy to use, using lubricant is the way to effectively keep them on. Then simply capture the nipple flesh within the clear shell at the end, making sure you have the nipple precisely placed. Squeeze the bulb to create a vacuum within the Nipple Bulb, which gives the pleasurable suction sensation to the nipple. Peel away from the flesh after use to release the pressure. The Nipple Bulb can also be used to make your nipples larger and stand out more, for your enjoyment or a partner's. There are 4 nipple erection rings included with this kit. If used regularly this nipple suction device can help your nipples remain larger and more responsive. This Nipple Bulb can be used by women and men of any sexuality, for high levels of sexual enjoyment.

These Nipple Suckers will give you erect nipples in quick time, making them larger than ever before. To keep your nipples large and erect for a longer period of time, you can use the nipple rings that come included with this pack.

Key Features:

  • Seven Creations Nipple Sucker 5 Piece Nipple Erector Set: Purple and Clear Kit
  • Completely safe and incredibly effective, this kit is all you need to immediately improve your sex life.
  • This Nipple Play Enhancing Bulb by Seven Creations allows you to tease, tug, and tickle your nipples with extraordinary ease, immediately enhancing sexual pleasure.
  • This nipple sucker is super easy to use and quickly increases the sensitivity in your nipples as soon as you give it a try.
  • Fuller, more erect nipples
  • Includes 4 O-rings that you can easily slide onto erect nipples for maximum stimulation and pleasure.
  • Hypoallergenic and skin safe - Contains no phthalates, contains no latex
SPECIFICATIONS: Nipple Sucker 5 Piece Nipple Erector Set - One Purple Nipple bulb pump with 4 fixation rings (2 x Ø1cm, 2 x Ø0, 8cm). Material: PVC & ABS.

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