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Lelo Hex Respect XL Latex Condoms for Men 12 Pack

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Lelo Hex Respect XL Latex Condoms for Men 12 Pack -  Now bigger than ever by popular demand, HEX Respect XL condoms are the largest condom on the market thanks to the world-famous Lelo. At 58mm wide and 195mm long featuring the same blend of science, safety and sex appeal that makes HEX Original one of the best-selling condoms, HEX Respect XL large size condoms take that technology and upsizes it for bigger guys. The Re-Engineered Hex Respect XL delivers strength, thinness and sensation through its revolutionary hexagonal structure: a HEX web raised on the inside of the exciting, new condom that keeps you right on track. Try the most talked about condom in history and feel the difference yourself with Lelo HEX RESPECT XL Latex Condoms!

Enjoy safe sex with condoms. Condoms protect you from unwanted pregnancy and STI's. Designed to enhance your pleasure LELO HEX™ fit men that come in all shapes and sizes.

Key Features:

  • By Popular Demand LELO HEX RESPECT XL offer the same protection, same pleasure but bigger size than HEX ORIGINAL latex condoms.
  • At 58mm wide and 195mm long (10% longer than HEX Original), Hex Respect XL Latex Condoms are now one of the biggest condoms on the market.
  • Formed for intimacy with flex points that mold to the wearer, Lelo HEX's internal hexagons are modeled after those found in nature and are strong, symmetrical and even just like honeycomb, dragonfly wings or snakeskin scales.
  • 350 interconnected hexagons tessellate perfectly, allowing body warmth to be transmitted between partners for a more sensitive and more intimate sexual sensation, while reducing slippage and eliminating total condom failure.
  • When pressure is applied to Lelo HEX Original Condom, it stretches in six directions from any point, making it more forgiving of tension.If you poke a hole in a Lelo HEX Condom, the damage stays contained in the single cell rather than shattering the whole condom like traditional condoms do.
  • Lelo HEX RESPECT XL is the first major innovation for condom wearers in over 7 decades, and media all over the world is calling it one of the most important advances in condom technology for consumers.
  • Lelo HEX RESPECT XL Latex Condoms are ultra-thin natural latex condoms (0.045 mm) that are lightly lubricated for your pleasure and offer an easy-to-open, no-slip wrapper.
  • Lelo HEX RESPECT X; Latex Condoms come in a stylish brown box with interconnected hexagons running along the side, with bold gold lettering that creates a posh, postmodern look that is very Lelo.

Strength, Pleasure, Uncompromised 

There’s a reason why honeycombs are the shape they are. Nature knows it, dragonflies know it, Fibonacci knew it, and we know it.
Hexagons are strong, symmetrical, even, and tessellates perfectly - they’re nature’s go-to shape for strength and lightness.

SPECIFICATIONS: Ultra- thin natural latex condom, Lightly lubricated, One size fits all -HEX™ is 58mm in diameter and 195mm long - True to Form: Perfectly formed on the outside, textured on the inside; the hexagonal web within flexes and stretches to fit a wide number of sizes securely.

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FAQ: Is the texture on the inside of the condom? - Exactly! This is what makes HEX™ so special. This inner 'net' not only functions as a reinforcement structure, it enhances grip and sensation.

Can I feel the texture? - Yes! When touching the condom you'll immediately notice the raised inner hexagonal pattern. But when you're using it, you'll be too focused on your partner. Condoms don't bring you pleasure, your partner does, and that's truer for HEX™ than any other condom, at least as far as our experience and testing suggests.

How thick and thin is HEX RESPECT XL™? The thickness of HEX RESPECT XL varies slightly between 0.045mm and 0.055mm (0.0017-0.0021 inches).

How safe is HEX RESPECT XL? - HEXRESPECT XL not only meets but also succeeds all international safety standards. Furthermore, we electronically test each and every condom we ship to ensure the highest quality.

How big is HEX RESPECT XL? - HEX RESPECT XL is 58mm in diameter and 195mm long, which is the largest condom size in the world.

Does HEX RESPECT XL contain spermicide? -No

Is HEX RESPECT XL Vegan? - HEXRESPECT XL condoms have no animal derivatives, and thus they are vegan friendly.


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