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Every beginning is wonderful. Especially with pjur (pronounced "pure") products. 

We provide various lubricants, sprays and other products to spice up your love making and to improve the overall quality of your life. Find out which is best for you.

Here we provide tips on how to use our products properly – so that you can enjoy the most beautiful thing in the world to the full.


Customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is secured by product safety and product quality. There can be no compromise, particularly when it comes to products for the sensitive genital area. In more than 50 countries around the world pjur products stand alone in our guarantee of quality and safety. 

Go to the products: pjur Original Bodyglide Super Concentrated Silicone Based Personal Lubricant / pjur Woman Bodyglide Softer Formula Silicone Based Personal Lubricant

Yes, all of our lubricants have been subjected to a strict set of condom tests. Rest assured that all pjur products are compatible with latex condoms.

We believe that we offer very good value for money. Compared to another conventional water- based product, pjur has up to six times longer glide time. For example our pjur Woman Premium Glide yields a much longer per use life and thus it is not as rapidly used up as other products. A less expensive product will not last as long as a pjur lubricant – which means having to make more frequent purchases in the long run. 

No, due to our stringent quality standards all of our products are produced without odour and neutral in taste.

Before a lubricant can empower anyone with its effects, it must first be skin compatible. The skin is the heaviest and also the most varied organ of our body, spanning 1.5 to 2 m², with an overall weight of ca. 10 kg. The intimate parts of the human body in particular, do not condone careless treatment. All pjur products and ingredients, without exception are dermatologically tested and absolutely skin compatible, so that they can be used for carefree enjoyment. 

The name pjur stands for quality products that are “Made in Germany:” All pjur products, without exception, are produced and filled in Germany. Several pjur products have even earned seals of quality with the designation of “very good” from independent consumer institutions. Product quality and product safety constitute the overriding priority every step of the way – from the selection of ingredients, to production and on to delivery of the products to our customers. Our customers can rest assured and our partners can count on that commitment. To make sure things stay that way, all of our products are subjected to stringent quality and safety management, where we verify our standards day in and day out to ensure we are always producing the best lubricant in the world.

As a rule, pjur lubricants have a shelf life of 5 years, thanks to the degree of purity of the ingredients. A concrete best-before date (shelf life) is indicated on every package and shows the time by which the product should be used.

Experience has shown that silicone stains on clothing will unfortunately not be removed with just 1 washing, but don´t panic, after 3 or 4 washes with most commercially available detergents at the corresponding temperature for the garment it should wash away completely. 


Which products are best suited for massage?

You want to really pamper your lover? Here are some good tips for giving a sensual massage using pjur Woman Bodyglide Softer Formula Silicone Based Personal Lubricant or pjur Original Bodyglide Super Concentrated Silicone Based Personal Lubricant.

Before you begin, your massage partner should be lying relaxed on a soft but firm surface such as a mat. Soft music in the background and a few candles contribute towards creating a pleasant atmosphere. A good massage fluid is indispensable.  pjur Original Bodyglide Super Concentrated Silicone Based Personal Lubricant or pjur Woman Bodyglide Softer Formula Silicone Based Personal Lubricant is perfectly suited for the job, since it has an extremely prolonged effect and intensifies the sense of touch.

For a sensual massage:

Warm up some pjur Woman Bodyglide Softer Formula Silicone Based Personal Lubricant or pjur Original Bodyglide Super Concentrated Silicone Based Personal Lubricant in the palms of your hands before applying it to your partner.

Spread it around along the entire back and down the sides with long flowing movements.

Place your hands to the left and right of your partner's spine, and draw your fingertips down to the coccyx (tailbone) with only slight pressure.

Massage the sides of the body with small circular kneeding motions. Important: never massage the spine itself!

Now the other body parts need attention. Start from top to bottom: begin, for instance, on the head and face and then work down over the arms and hands, the buttocks and legs all the way to the feet.

When massaging the head and face it is important to keep the pressure light. Only gently stroke and softly knead the skin with your fingertips. Begin with both hands in the middle of the face, and stroke outwards over the ear to the forehead. 

Practically everything is allowed on the arms and hands - simply ask what your partner likes best. Hold your partner's hand in your hand and rock the arm gently back and forth until it feels heavy. Then begin with the massage. 

When you reach the buttocks and thighs you can go at them vigorously - knead them thoroughly and deeply.

Stronger pressure can also be applied for the foot massage as well. Too light a touch can be ticklish and even unpleasant. Use only small amounts of bodyglide here, or the feet will become slippery.

When your partner is fully relaxed, close your hands into light fists and drum softly on the lower back and hips.
Finally, stroke all the massaged parts of the body.

What happens after the massage is up to you and your partner, and usually comes about naturally. A partner massage with a premium-quality bodyglide from pjur not only pampers the skin, but also brings back the tingle and sizzle to a relationship.

The pjur team & Adult Superstores hope you both enjoy a relaxing massage!

pjur water-based lubricants are synonymous with soothing moisture. They sooth the skin and protect against loss of moisture. The formulation is absorbed by the upper layers of the skin to give a pleasant feeling with particularly smooth glideability and doesn´t become sticky or tacky.

pjur silicone-based lubricants are particularly suited for when sustained glideability is required, for example, during massage or love making. Because quality is our top priority pjur uses only the finest quality silicone in its products. Silicon molecules are not absorbed by the skin like water so they remain on surface making silicone products ideal both for sexual intercourse and massage.

There most certainly is! We have developed a product for people who are concerned about products that contain preservatives, glycerin´s and parabens. pjur WOMAN Nude Sensitive contains no additives at all, period. It is simple natural and authentic. It was developed specially for a woman´s soft, sensitive skin without focus on pjur, premium quality ingedients.

Go to the product:  pjur Woman Nude Sensitive Water Based Personal Lubricant.

Design and functionality are significant decision-making factors in the product development process. The simple, beautiful form of our packaging projects the premium pjur brand. Additionaly, we have always placed the highest importance on safety and quality when it comes to leakage and hygiene. 

Pump dispensers unfortunately always have a risk in this regard which we feel is too high for us and our customers. We have managed however to find the right solution for our somewhat thicker pjur Toy Lube by introducing a pump dispenser designed specifically for that formulation; but this solution does not meet our strict requirements for the less viscous pjur products because of the consistency of their fomulas.

Go to the product:  pjur Woman Toy Lube Creamy Hybrid Personal Lubricant.

All silicone-based pjur lubricants contain no preservatives. In addition, we recently launched a new product on the market: pjur WOMAN Nude Sensitive, a water-based lubricant without additives such as preservatives, glycerin´s or parabens.

Go to the product:  pjur Woman Nude Sensitive Water Based Personal Lubricant.

The irony of having sex in water is it actually washes away any natural lubrication the vaginal area creates. This can cause increased friction and a feeling of dryness making for an uncomfortable sexual experience. Try a silicone based lubricant is the best choice when you are having sex in water; silicone provides a slippery texture and is safe with latex and non-latex condoms and is not water-soluble.

Yes, we have many customers with neurodermatitis who use and recommend our pjur Woman Bodyglide Softer Formula Silicone Based Personal Lubricant.This product is particularly suited for highly sensitive skin and intimate parts. A dermatological test on people with neurodermatitis (eczema-free) under clinical conditions showed that it performed “very well,” as attested by our 5-star seal of the dermatology test. 

Go to the product: pjur Woman Bodyglide Softer Formula Silicone Based Personal Lubricant.

Sexual Health & Wellbeing

The human body can use a little help at times. Many women suffer from vaginal dryness, especially during menopause or after long-term drug ingestion. Furthermore, the hormonal balance may be disturbed by stress or during pregnancy or lactation – with insufficient natural moisture as a result. We have developed our pjur products so that you rediscover the joy of the most beautiful thing in the world.


As a sex educator we all know that masturbation is healthy. We also know that wetter is better. Vaginas are self-lubricating and tend to dry up. A good lubricant will destroy the friction burn and enhance sex with extra sensations. A good lube should be not too runny and not too thick, thus make stimulating yourself quite literally go more smoothly.Our award winning pjur (pure) lubricants are the the perfect choice and the world's #1 award winning best selling lubricants!


Many of the finest and most exciting moments we enjoy with our partner begin with a massage – with warm hands on soft skin and an invading feeling of relaxation. And when the hands wander in more intimate regions, a massage quickly turns into delightful foreplay, because sex and massage are intrinsically linked.

This category features a wide selection of our Multi-Use formulas – for sex & massage as well as our pure lubricants to enhance your love play. Our products will enable you to create that unique pjur (pronounced "pure") feeling for every occasion, for additional moistening can induce new, tingling sensations during a massage too.


Simply apply the desired amount of pjur lubricant to the chosen intimate area (and other parts of the body for massage purposes). Since silicone-based lubricants are not absorbed by the skin like water-based, you should always use a smaller amount of silicone-based lubricants to achieve the best results.

pjur water-based lubricants are absorbed almost entirely by the skin over time. If you happen to apply too much, simply wash it off with lukewarm water and reapply as needed. 

pjur silicone-based lubricants remain on the surface of the skin and are not absorbed. They leave a soft and silky smooth feeling on the skin, and are easy to remove with mild soap and water.

For hygienic cleaning, we recommend pjur med clean products from our intimate products category...Got to Sex Toy Cleaners  pjur Med CLEAN Personal Cleaning Spray Lotion,  pjur Med Clean Wipes Personal Soft Cleaning Fleece.

The pjur group

As our name phonetically suggests, pjur group manufactures and markets high end luxury health and body care products in more than 50 countries on all five continents. The pjur group started producing lubricants in Germany in 1995. With Alexander Giebel at the helm and headquartered in Luxembourg, the pjur group has maintained its production facilities in Germany, and has expanded rapidly into other countries, attaining a high degree of brand awareness in the process. 

pjur - more than 20 years of expertise & quality

The pjur group is a globally active company with corporate locations in the USA, Australia and headquarters in Luxembourg, Europe.Our company’s core business ranges from cosmetic to medical products, all based around our core competency of skin care. The pjur group markets products primarily under its own brand name, "pjur"

"pjur" (pronounced as the English word "pure") uses ingredients of the highest possible purity levels and is synonymous with uncompromising premium quality.Even though lubricants have been used since Roman times, pjur was the first company in the world to develop and market a silicone lubricant. including silicone-based and water-based personal lubricants, stimulation products, special-scene products, as well as intimate hygiene and sport products. Our guiding maxims have always been to produce high quality products, with first rate ingredients and the deliberate omission of flavors and colourants – so that pjur products can guarantee pure enjoyment and more intense sensations without unnecessary distractions.Millions of customers worldwide trust the efficacy and safety of our quality products. “Made in Germany” is no mere label, here; it is a statement. Today pjur products continue to stand out through our tireless research and development that yields innovation and exclusiveness. For instance, pjur was the first to launch trailblazing pjur innovations 0n the market including double effect body glides that provide a strong additional sensation thanks to natural active ingredients such as ginkgo, ginseng and jojoba. Our vision is to continue to improve the quality of people’s (love) life everywhere in the world. We are intent on creating joy, enhancing sensations and reducing physical discomfort with the highest respect for your intimacy at all times.To do justice to our vision every single day. To stay focused and committed to manufacturing products of the highest quality, purity and safety. As a family-owned and operated company we engage in long-term and responsible entrepreneurship and fulfil our mission with select partners who share and represent our values. We capitalize on global growth opportunities to boost the quality of life of our customers throughout the world. pjur should not be seen only as a product , but as being synonymous with intimate products of unrivaled quality. 

All company products have been developed internally and are manufactured 100 per cent in Germany, without exception. pjur group has registered and certified all of its products in accordance with official international requirements for the corresponding product categories, including requirements set by the European Union, FDA and TGA. pjur products are currently distributed in approximately 60 countries within diverse market segments.

Alexander Giebel - CEO & Founder - » pjur is my lifestyle and my passion. Living a life with an orientation on purity and quality is the ideal from which pjur was born. It is satisfying and fun for me to realize that I can share these values with the millions of people who use pjur products. pjur gives me a good feeling, every day. pjur is a global team operation. From the head office of the pjur group in Luxembourg to all of our partner offices worldwide, we all work together as a strong and motivated team to inspire every individual customer, regardless of age, sex, ethnicity or mentality, to increase his or her quality of life with pjur. «

pjur Worldwide - Headquartered in Wasserbillig, Luxembourg, the pjur group has become an international company whose products are sold in over 60 countries on five continents. The portfolio consists of more than 45 innovative products in six different product categories and continues to grow every year. The pjur group is constantly growing and aspires to be the first choice for consumers and business partners alike. Therefore, pjur is always looking to expand its network of international business relations with new partners. The strong pjur partnerships from around the globe have proven to be the catalyst for the brand and one of the reasons why pjur is able to provide world class products for various markets, cultures, and target groups on a consistent basis.

The yellow dot
- worldwide key-visual 
of the pjur brand

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