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Bijoux Indiscrets

Bijoux Indiscrets Reusable Body Decorations Burlesque Sequin Nipple Pasties Black


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Bijoux Indiscrets Reusable Body Decorations Burlesque Sequin Nipple Pasties Black - Shiny sequins to match the spirit of the moment. It's show time! Bijoux Indiscrets turns the female body into the most desirable masterpiece of all with Burlesque Sequins, the self-adhesive nipple covers that help reclaim the spirit of cabaret and vaudeville to bring an authentic touch to your bedroom seduction! Burlesque Pasties are the simplest way to enhance splendor and sophistication during your sensual, sexy sessions as these pasties feature a timeless design complete with a perky bow and accented with a glittery backdrop.These glitzy glamour pasties are designed in all black and comfortably stick to your skin without any pulling or irritation.The Burlesque collection gives plenty of reasons (for seducing)... If you enjoy feeling sexy and attractive, you will love the Burlesque pasties. Wear them together with your favorite lingerie and you will desire and be desired... Va Va Voom!


Key Features:

  • Meant to surprise, seduce, and unleash desires beyond your wildest dreams, the Burlesque Collection revels in luxury as it celebrates the sensual accumulation of each of the senses.
  • Burlesque Pasties offer a skin-friendly, adhesive Silicone backing that is strong enough to keep the nipple cover in place, yet gentle enough to make removal easy and pain-free.
  • Simply pick a special night to wear these sexy, sensual delights, set the mood and seduce your lover with your erotic, naughty striptease!
  • To achieve the perfect placement, apply your pasties to your breasts in front of a mirror and to skin that is free of any lotions or oils.
  • Burlesque Sequins by Bijoux are intended for repeated use, and you can renew the adhesiveness by washing the back side with mild soap and warm water (allow to air dry before storage).
  • Bijoux Indiscrets is a provocative and sophisticated brand of erotic products from Spain for erotically-inspired, uninhibited couples all over the world.

SPECIFICATIONS: Each pasty measures approximately 2.5 inch diameter (6.25 cm), comes 1 pair per package and is meant for the woman with 'sexy attitude' as her middle name. 

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Key Features:Did you know that...

  • The pasties are reusable?
  • The adhesive will hold the pasties securely in place through several uses? But when you notice they are losing their adhesiveness, you can renew it by following these practical tips:

1. Gently wash the adhesive side of the pasties with mild soap and water.

2. Let them air dry and replace the plastic protectors.

3. Keep them in their original box, to keep them dust- and lint-free.

  • The Burlesque Pasties reclaims the spirit of cabaret and vaudeville theatre? Burlesque Pasties reclaim the splendor and sophistication of those nights, to bring an authentic vintage touch to your seduction.
  • The Bijoux Indiscrets’ Burlesque collection is the simplest and most seductive way of turning yourself into an explosive burlesque dancer?
  • A sensual dance is one of the most timeless, simple and effective ways to seduce and fantasize with your lover?
  • When it comes time to dance sensual, you need to keep several things in mind? First of all, some mood setting will help you to get in the right frame of mind. Make sure the lighting is right and remember that the furniture can be put to good use: chairs, door frames or columns are all great dance props. Plus you don’t need to have the figure of a ballerina, your lover will be focused on the dance, so dance. Try to be graceful and agile in your movements, don’t freeze. Get close, insinuate yourself, but keep at a distance so he can’t touch you. Play with your eyes, making sure he never takes his off you. Hair and clothes are important props. Start out with your hair up so you can shake it loose. A sensual dance is an invitation to a unique show, make sure he doesn’t miss it!



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